iStock-1148452929 The God Who Sees
  • Let us take every anxious thought captive by praising and praying to our amazing God today. Offer up 5 minutes of solitude and meditate on the following name of God and what it means. To know the names of God is know His character. To know His character reveals His love. To understand His love eradicates all worry. Each time a worrisome thought arises today cry out to:
    • Name of God: El Roi—The God Who Sees Me
    • Scripture: Gen. 16:11-14; Ps. 139:7-12
    • Prayer: Thank you El Roi for the comfort that You see me, my inner thoughts, my battles, my complexities and that you care intimately for me and my loved ones.
    • Song: An amazing song/story of Hagar, Ruth, David And Mary by Kathie Lee Gifford and Nicole C.Mullen's "The God Who Sees."