I don't know about you, but I'll be honest? Even though I know my Scripture and have my Jesus I have found myself on edge, and getting anxious at times this past week. What was a distant world problem a few weeks ago, is now on my doorstep. Though I prayed for the people of China, it seemed so far removed. Not so anymore.

I am under self-quarantine because the dentist office I went to, (though knowing their staff had been at a dental conference where ten known cases of the Covid 19 virus was confirmed) continued to work. The health officials in BC deemed that the hysteria they may create by shutting down all BC dental offices outweighed the risk … until more cases popped up. I am one of those caught in that week and the dental hygienist that cleaned my teeth was at that conference.

That is just my story of possible exposure … whereas others are currently battling this illness, or worse yet have lost loved ones. We are all trying to navigate some "uncharted" waters and need a compass. Let me share with you what has helped me this past week to calm the storm of "WHAT IFS," that assail my mind.

My love for the names/titles of God is not just a quirky interest, it is my lifeline, lifeboat, lifepreserver and can be yours too.

When feeling anxious I meditate on a name of God. Knowing the different names of God reveal His character. Knowing His character reveals His love. Knowing His love eradicates worry.

So for the next however many days the world is holed up, sitting in our homes in quiet solitude I am going to send out one short devotional with a name of God for you to meditate upon.

  • With the name of God will come some Scripture to meditate upon.
  • With the Scripture will come a beautiful picture of God's creation to feast your eyes upon.
  • With the visual will come a beautiful song to listen to.
  • With the song will come a short prayer using the name of God.

I pray this will encourage your soul. Tune in again tomorrow for another 5 minutes. Here we go…

Find a spot in the sun. Bring your favourite cuppa of anything … and meditate on this truth about the God who holds you.

  • God Most High, Possessor of heaven and Earth (To think upon this truth that we have the God Most High in our corner, is a tension reliever. Thank you, El Elyon-God most High for having supremacy over all. You have got this. You have got me and my family. 
  • A Prayer: Thank you God Most High for taking care of me, for being a God of all power, all might and all capability. I can trust you with my life, my worries, my angst. 
  • Scripture: Gen. 14:19-20, Acts 16:17
Listen to this uplifting song of praise by Brenton Brown Hallelujah, Your Love Makes Me Sing