Spring—that time of year when trees blossom, bluebirds sing, and buttercups burst forth through darkened soil. A feeling of renewed hope fills most every heart…most every heart perhaps—except for yours?

Yes, I’ve been there… in that place where not even buttercups, bluebirds, or blossoming trees evoke hope. I have lived in the dark, though full sunshine streams down. I have felt abject loneliness, though people swarm about. I travelled through the day screaming on the inside, though on the outside presenting a well put together façade.

Betrayal does that—zaps the life, numbs the senses, deadens the dreams. I will never forget the one word that changed the face of my marriage and shattered my heart. “Yes,” to the question I asked of my husband of 25 years. “Have you been unfaithful?”

Thankfully, this betrayal did not define the rest of my life story and I am here to encourage with a message of hope. I found a way to leave bitterness behind and embrace inner healing instead. You can too.
Isaiah 61:1 …He binds up the brokenhearted, proclaims freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoner. niv
Are you brokenhearted?

Do you need freedom from the captivity of betrayal?

Does pain hold you a prisoner?

And who is this “HE that sets one free?”

Jesus is the “HE” worth mentioning, the one who still works miracles today. He is as relevant in power and might as when He walked the dusty streets of Jerusalem over 2000 years ago. He healed the sick, opened the eyes of the blind, and cared for the brokenhearted. Matthew 9: 18-30

I can attest to the truth that He is the same today. The song that bursts from my soul… the joy that radiates from this place of healing… the love I feel in a heart so previously broken, is nothing short of a modern day miracle.
This miracle awaits you.
I will not mask the journey with unrealistic platitudes, but share my ups and downs, my victories and my failure, in hopes you too will find your way through the pain, the anger, the sorrow.

For today, believe just one thing… believe your healing is possible. This one hope filled moment will become the catalyst to many more.