Depression can creep into the soul unaware. Sad happenings tend to invite this beast. Suddenly you wake up and find the darkness overwhelming, all joy stolen. You turn the light on, but the gloom does not lift. The sun rises, but there is no warmth. Sadness demands not just a portion of your life, but life itself.

With depression edging in, my physician asked some pertinent questions and carefully analyzed whether I needed medication. Though my sadness was deemed circumstantial, she cautioned that I could run the risk of falling into a deep depression where even with medication it is difficult to overcome. She recommended I carefully monitor the warning signs and be honest with myself.

This following list from is a great resource to identify warning signs for the onset of depression.
If you are like me and have a predisposed hereditary influence of depression in your family, you may find that during this time of acute personal crisis the risk is heightened. Pay close attention to this list. You do not want depression to set in for any length of time before you reach out for help. There is no shame in needing medication. I was fully prepared to use it if my emotional health had worsened. I am thankful for the blessing of controlling an onslaught of deeper depression with diet, exercise and prayer, and not have the side effects of medication to deal with.