Time is a precious commodity…a gift.

Sadly my life has taken a turn I never asked for, nor wanted, and days fly by in stolen fashion.

The business we bought sucks the life out of us and eats up a large portion of our day. We are caught in a vortex much like I would imagine the black hole in space…(a region of space having a gravitational field so intense that no matter or radiation can escape).

I feel my life, my dreams, that deepest part that matters… sucked in, spun off its axis and slowly but surely disappearing.

It is time to re-evaluate, look at my blog after a year and half of writing and consider these questions. How relevant it is it? Is it meeting a need? Should I continue?

Why do I ask these questions?

Because preparing and writing this blog takes precious time and energy, and I am willing…if there is a genuine need.

The only thing that keeps me posting, keeps me writing, keeps me laying my personal life open for the world to read…is the reminder of the pain of betrayal and how little help I found available when in the thick of pain. I truly do not want anyone to go it alone, or not believe there is hope of healing.

So I ask you…my reader to respond. Leave a comment if this blog has helped you in the past, is currently helping you, or if it gives any inspiration to your soul.

Your response will determine the need. If there is a need, I will continue, but if I am writing and this too is doing nothing more than swirling into the black hole of cyber space, then I will take my time and use it differently.