Anna’s Secret

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Anna Clarke has faced loneliness for years, caring for a sick and distant husband. Recently widowed, with all that brought meaning to her life gone, the consummate good girl falls from grace in a moment of weakness and passion.

Horrified to find she is pregnant, she is surprised when those closest to her assume the baby is her late husband’s. Guilt and pride allow the lie to live until her deceit hits a wall when the biological father, Dr. Matthew Carmichael, comes calling.

Shocked at how one lie bled so easily into another, Anna realizes her reputation of devout Christian living is about to disappear like a leaf caught in a windstorm. She hears the whisper of her loving Heavenly Father, who longs to restore her soul, but does she have the courage to face the scandal and the truth of her feelings toward the handsome Dr. Carmichael?

“From the very first sentence, I connected with Blossom Turner’s book, Anna’s Secret. When the single tear snaked its way down Anna’s cheek, a tear ran down mine as well. I knew how she felt. I’ve been there. But whether readers personally identify, or they just fall into the story, they are sure to find Anna’s Secret riveting, heart-wrenching, and too compelling to set aside.”
~Kay Marshall Strom, author of the Blessings of India and Grace in Africa series as well as many other books and screen plays.

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Blossom Turner is a free-lance writer published in Chicken Soup and Kernels of Hope anthologies, former newspaper columnist on health and fitness, and an avid blogger. She lives in British Columbia, Canada, with her husband, David, of thirty-six years. A former business woman, personal trainer, and mother of two grown children she is now pursuing her lifelong dream of writing full-time.

A hopeless romantic at heart, she believes all story should give the reader significant entertainment value. However, her writing embodies the struggles of real life. She infuses the reality of suffering with the hope of Christ to give a healthy dose of relatable encouragement to her reader. Her desire is to leave the reader with a yearning to live for Christ on a deeper level, or at the very least, create a hunger to seek for more.

She is an avid blogger who has contributed to the Mount Hermon Blog, Christian Devotions blog, and writes a weekly devotional blog on the names of God.

Her authenticity comes from the crucible of suffering in her own life. Through understanding the restorative power of God’s forgiveness when humanity fails, she could write Anna’s Secret in a way that grips the reader on a profound level. A strong thread of hope is woven through this compelling novel where failure, love and romance collide.

Watch for Blossom’s next novel called “Katherine’s Arrangement.” A historical romance about an arranged marriage, set in the Shenandoah Valley—post civil war. To believe in the power of God is to believe in the power of love, for God is good even when life is not. You will enjoy the blossoming of romance and love between this unlikely couple.

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