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Lucinda's Defender

Book Three in the Shenandoah Brides Series
2022 Word Guild Winner for Best Romance!

Life hasn’t turned out at all like Lucinda expected, but neither is the depth of love one man has for her.

The young and impetuous Lucinda Williams, through a series of bad decisions, is now in a situation she never dreamed conceivable—an unplanned baby and marriage to a man who proves to be far darker than she ever imagined. Pain is a cruel teacher but brings instant maturity.

Joseph Manning, a childhood friend who watched the love of his life leave, is heartbroken to find the bruised waif of a girl he rescues less than a year later. What atrocities did she experience to change the vivacious, bubbly soul into this shell of hopelessness? Broken. Bruised. Beaten. Does love really have the power to heal all wounds?

Lucinda marvels at how Joseph effortlessly whittles his way back into her heart and that of her child with kindness and respect. But she has a secret far too dark to allow the kind Joseph into her life. He deserves so much better than the likes of her. Is love strong enough to break down the barriers of bad choices? Can a second chance at happiness really be possible?

What Readers are saying...

Another page turner...

"...I finished this book in two reads. Literally could not put it down. I've read the previous books in the series and loved them both, but this one is the best yet. There is nothing shallow in Lucinda and Joseph's story or their characters."

Superb Historical Fiction

"...Wow, oh wow! Blossom Turner created a superb, heartfelt and emotional story for Lucinda’s and Joseph’s story."

Fantastic Historical Fiction

"...I love the way this author handles difficult subjects! Just because it's a historical romance in the 1800's, doesn't mean that issues that happen today didn't happen then."

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