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Katherine's Arrangement

Book One in the Shenandoah Brides Series
2021 Word Guild Semi-Finalist for Best Historical Romance

Marrying him is her only choice to save her family, but Josiah Richardson isn’t at all the man she expected.

Katherine William’s family was left destitute when their home was burned to the ground by Yankee soldiers, so the ready solution presented by the prominent Mr. Josiah Richardson seems almost too good to believe. He’ll provide a home, work for her pa, and a new beginning for her family...if only Katherine will accept his proposal. A marriage of convenience is the last thing she wants, but there doesn’t seem to be a better option for her family or herself. Setting aside her dreams of love, Katherine agrees to the arrangement.

The gentleman in Josiah Richardson can no more force his frightened bride into his bed, than he can force her into loving him, so he sets out to gently woo her. He works hard to befriend her, to earn her trust and win her love.

Katherine is pleasantly surprised to find herself drawn to the man she thought she would never love, until an unexpected friendship tears apart all they’ve worked for. Where once the promise of love had budded between Josiah and Katherine, now they wonder what to do with their so-called marriage. Is love strong enough to weave its healing power through two broken hearts?

What Readers are saying...

"This is right up there with Francine Rivers! I almost quit reading it. I was beginning to think it was not a Christian theme. Boy, waS I wrong! GREAT READ!
"I have so much emotions stirring inside me right now that I am about to burst. The author has written a story so touching and faith filled that I don’t know whether to cry or jump for joy. I knew this was a story about an arranged marriage so I had already figured I knew what was to come. To my utter surprise this story is so laden with characters that will forever me part of my life. Some stories just stick with you and this is one of them..."
"Read it straight through and couldn't stop. The historical accuracy was real and the characters came alive with emotion. Highly recommended..."
"A new author for me. I will continue reading her works. The story was unstoppable. Every chapter kept me reading for more. Well developed charters. Just outstanding. I read a book a night and this one was well written."

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