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Blossom’s Speaking Topics:

Anna’s Secret is fiction but written with purpose in mind. Jesus used story (parables) to connect to the heart of people. Anna’s Secret does the same. Written for women with a strong element of romance, a twist of failure and consequences, a deeper message unfolds. Anna’s Secret touches that place of raw emotion where failure and forgiveness collide.

Blossom will speak to women’s groups on the power and essential need of forgiveness for personal freedom, especially within our families and within the church. Birthed out of the crucible of her own suffering, an authentic message of hope and healing is given.

Shelley Pierce a Pastor’s Wife wrote this about Anna’s Secret ... “Blossom Turner takes us on a journey of true-life choices, the consequences of sin, and the redemption God offers. Anna’s Secret is packed with raw emotion as we travel the twists and turns that ripple from one poor choice. Best of all, we see God’s grace and feel compelled to respond to people in our lives with the same grace."

The Shenandoah Bride Series…is historical romance written with a message woven into each book. Writing truth into a story is a unique platform to speak on what touches the heart of women and a springboard for speaking on these subjects.

Book 1

Katherine’s Arrangement is based on the principle of a good God when life is not good. She is a young woman thrust into an arranged marriage, who eventually decides to do things God’s way and chooses to love as 1 Cor. 13 so beautifully illustrates.

Book 2

Amelia’s Heartsong portrays a woman who tries to find her self-worth in men and how she looks, but when deeply wounded she transfers that effort into work and leaning on her intelligence. Her journey pulls her into the light where her strength, self-worth and purpose is found in trusting in God, not herself. Katherine is also brought back into the story where the pain of grief and loss is tackled and overcome within the arms of Jesus.

Book 3

Lucinda’s Defender uses the platform of story to show the devastating consequences of sin. This novel deals with tough subjects like rape, domestic abuse, and abortion. This redeeming story of second chances and God’s amazing grace are the focal point.

Book 4

(Available now...)

Gracie’s Surrender tackles the plight of orphan children and the orphan trains of the late 1800’s. This story is relevant because it challenges our Christian response to the need we see in our society all around us. How can we help the less fortunate? How can we be the hands and feet of Jesus? Gracie matures as a Christian and realizes that her ways are not God’s ways. Surprising paths are opened to us when we stop long enough to listen.

Book 5

Jeanette's Gift is the story of the one less outwardly beautiful sister. The twenty-nine-year-old spinster has self-esteem issues that loom large. The subject of self-worth and how God views us is tackled in combination with accepting the sovereignty of God. Inner beauty is celebrated. Being that Satan attacks women constantly in this area, I feel it will be one of my most important messages yet.

Blossom is available to speak and teach workshops at conventions, retreats, women’s luncheons, and other venues geared for women.

When Good Girls Get Mad!
When infidelity hit Blossom’s life, she was shocked by the depth of fury that simmered just below the surface, so opposite the peaceful Christian woman she had previously been.

Christians often skirt the parameters of this God-given emotion called anger, when in reality we should embrace it as Jesus did in Matthew 21.

During this workshop, we’ll explore the differences between rage and anger, find out what happens when anger is suppressed, and learn to effectively evade the place it turns into sin. Together, we’ll face the truth…we’ll explore what to do when we are angry at God.
Healing from Betrayal
Jesus transforms!

This phrase is often coined when referring to a new convert, but what about the broken heart?

Can Jesus really stitch the pieces of a shattered life back together—after betrayal?

Can He truly bind up the brokenhearted as Isaiah 61 proclaims?

Yes, He can. During this presentation, Blossom opens both the book of her life and the book of Isaiah with a resounding message of hope and healing.
C.S. Lewis said, “Every one says forgiveness is a lovely idea, until they have something to forgive.”

Blossom’s personal story mirrors one of long ago, when rock throwers brought an adulterous woman before Jesus and demanded justice. The rock she held in her hand was instantly dropped as her revengeful heart and hatred was revealed.

God’s grace abounds in the most unusual ways. He gave Blossom strength not only to forgive, but also bring the “other woman” to the cross, that place of unconditional love and hope.

In this presentation Blossom discusses the convoluted process of forgiveness, what it is and what it is not, and why it is crucial for inner healing.
Building a Healthy Self-Esteem
There is no place Satan attacks more viciously than a woman’s self-esteem. During this presentation, Blossom shares her difficult journey toward healing a battered self-esteem, weaving in stories of her own childhood abuse, marital infidelity and a trip to the plastic surgeon.

Blossom uses Psalm 139:14 to assure women that they can rise above the lies of our culture and the betrayal of those entrusted with their well-being, and rejoice in the fact that they are indeed “fearfully and wonderfully made.”
In Times of Crisis--Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Care
Crisis will hit your life.

During times of trauma, many of us overlook the importance of maintaining emotional, physical and spiritual health. But there are practical ways to effectively manage a difficult season of life. During this workshop, Blossom, a certified personal trainer, will provide tips for exercise and healthy diet, information on how to recognize the signs of depression, and ways one can find positive spiritual support.
Managing Grief...When Facing Huge Life Disappointments
The topic of grief is rarely broached in terms of loss other than death. Yet many experiences in life create immense sorrow: an unhealthy child, a divorce, infidelity, a spouse addicted to pornography, wayward children, or a host of other disappointments.

Blossom examines grief in a new light during this presentation.

She helps women understand:
Why they have a right to grieve
How to get unstuck from self-pity and move beyond perpetual sorrow
Suffering: I Ask For Bread, God, But it Looks Like a Stone!
  • How can a God of love allow pain and suffering?
  • How can suffering increase faith, instead of deplete faith?
  • How can I believe in a good God, when life is not good?
During this presentation, Blossom explores difficult scriptures on the topic of suffering from the Old Testament (Job) and New Testament (Paul). As she shares her personal testimony, you’ll discover how the crucible of suffering uncovers the hidden treasure of blessing.

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