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Gracie’s Surrender

Book Four in the Shenandoah Brides Series
2023 Word Guild Fiction of the year finalist.

Helping the orphan children in Richmond just might overturn everything Gracie thought she knew, including the value of love.

Gracie Williams has always had an adventurous streak, which led her from her home in the Shenandoah Valley to Richmond, Virginia, where she can devote her life to the orphan children. Though her beauty has brought on the advances of many men, she has no plans to marry, and finds suitors an unfortunate irritation she doesn’t have time for—much to her parents’ chagrin.

When she befriends Matthew Weston, the mature and serious orphanage superintendent, she confides in him and believes he shares her goals. Neither are prepared for the sparks that fly. Tension grows as Caleb falls in love with her, yet realizes he is just another man in the long line of would-be suitors. 

A family crisis, an orphan train, and the plight of a sweet orphan named Emma throw the couple together in deep and meaningful ways. But will this be enough for Gracie to embrace a new way of thinking, and the gift of love that only true soul mates can share?

What Readers are saying...

Outstanding, Memorable, Extraordinary

"A truly delightful and extraordinarily well-written novel. Completely absorbing with vivid descriptions and thoroughly engaging emotions. This highly-gifted author has brought characters to life with wit, sensitivity and abiding faith. A fine example of the genre and one which will certainly to be well remembered. The Orphan Train was a remarkable mission and one well-featured in this first-rate novel. Very highly recommended!"

Unrequited love-a page turner

"...This book tugged at my heart as the thrust of the story takes place in an orphanage in the middle of unrequited love. Blossom writes with a twist of unexpected humour, emotion and conversations that keep you wanting more."

 Beautiful Story 

"The author has penned a very sweet and heartwarming story with wonderful characters. It is a story of trials, disappointments, a family crisis, an Orphan Train trip to place some children in their forever home, God's love and faith, and romance..."

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