Are You Tired, Worn Out and Empty?

We are approaching one of the happiest and one of the saddest times of year depending on your circumstances. This song is for the broken-hearted, the weary, the worn.If sorrow flows and pain cuts deeper than a winter wind; if it seems like God does not hear the cries of your heart and all dreams are lost...listen to this song. Soak in the truth of these words.JESUS says, I am the rest you need, I ...

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Let Go!

This is a beautiful song by Olivia Newton John on SURRENDER!When life sends circumstances you cannot "fix, medicate, or numb"... Let Go and Let God! This sounds so simple, but in actuality is very difficult. Forced through the crucible of suffering, I completely gave my life over to God and found the ticket to freedom. When I could no longer control anything, I found ultimate peace in everything.h...

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Ever Wake up Angry, Tormented or Sad?

A Journal Entry Here is a journal entry a year after finding out about betrayal in my marriage. I had come a long way, but the healing was not yet complete.If you have ever wondered how God speaks to us in this day and age, here is a wonderful example. God, through His Word, spoke on a day I really needed to hear His voice and receive encouragement and wisdom. October 4, 2008 I woke up early and m...

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