Take a Break and Discover What Your Core Values Are

Step 4: What are Core Values? And How Do They Improve Your Self-Worth?

What are core values?How will knowing my core values and living in alignment with them improve the way I feel about myself?How do I discover my core values By Blossom Turner and Suzie Zanewich Core Values: Core values can be described as the theme of your life and what is most important and deeply meaningful to you. Your core values are the guiding principles of your life, like that lighthouse in a storm beckoning you toward safety. Core values help you to make decisions and determine your behaviour under pressure or temptation. Though you may not have identified your core values, they shape you as a human being. They are the result of y...

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Step 2: Why is it Important to Know Your Personality Type?

by Blossom Turner and Suzie Zanewich Have you ever wondered what the advantage of knowing what your personality type is, including the people you share life with? There is a reason we are created so differently, and why opposites attract and it all has to do with our personality traits. Personality type assessments provide a useful structure for recognizing and understanding normal, natural differences between people. When I first did my personality assessment, I was amazed to find that I could improve my self-awareness, understand my motivations and develop my natural strengths. How excited I was to find I could also improve my communication...

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To understand how wonderfully we are created...we all need this Friend

Step 1: Would you like to feel good about yourself?

Step One: Discover your Creator… the One who knows you better than you know yourself. He will be your guide, wisdom, and power source.  by Suzie Zanewich guest blogger. Even before I knew Christ, God had a plan. He reconnected me with my dear friend Blossom, who is a true believer in Jesus Christ. He knew I was going to need someone who knew Him intimately and could teach and guide me to be a follower of Jesus. During our friendship talks when I had life questions Blossom would always direct me to pray and seek the Lord. She believed God would answer my prayers, and to my delight God did not disappoint. Through this beautiful friend...

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