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Step 4: What are Core Values? And How Do They Improve Your Self-Worth?

iStock-846775222 Take a Break and Discover What Your Core Values Are
  • What are core values?
  • How will knowing my core values and living in alignment with them improve the way I feel about myself?
  • How do I discover my core values

By Blossom Turner and Suzie Zanewich

Core Values:

Core values can be described as the theme of your life and what is most important and deeply meaningful to you. Your core values are the guiding principles of your life, like that lighthouse in a storm beckoning you toward safety. Core values help you to make decisions and determine your behaviour under pressure or temptation. Though you may not have identified your core values, they shape you as a human being. They are the result of your beliefs, upbringing, the environment you live in, and the distinct way in which God created you.

Core values are important on your journey towards self-discovery to help you understand who you were created to be. They provide a solid foundation and sense of stability. They give direction, adding fulfillment, joy, and purpose to life. Living in alignment with them will lead to deeper self-awareness and contentment. However, when you're in conflict with your core values, life can feel like a constant uphill struggle. You will be more vulnerable to making decisions that you may later regret.

As an example, Suzie will highlight three of her five core values:

In this order they are faith, family, health, authenticity, and personal growth. Faith is the building block on which all stands, and personal growth motivates me to keep on learning but…

1) My family is something of great value to me. I will move mountains to help, care, and love on them. I provide part-time daycare for my grandchildren not out of duty but because I love my time with them and the opportunity to mold and shape their young lives.

2) Health is a more challenging value for me. I exercise regularly and eat nourishing food most of the time. I focus on my physical, spiritual, mental and emotional wellbeing. I do have a sweet tooth and at times struggle with indulging in desserts too often. And my regular walking regime can get pushed aside when life gets too busy. Knowing my core values and keeping them visible reminds me that I want to be healthy and why.

3) Authenticity is of the utmost importance to me. Several years ago, I was working in a job that was draining the life out of me. A workplace that I once loved turned into a negative environment. I was forced to make the decision to leave my high paying position without any other employment prospects because it was damaging to my mental and emotional health.

How will knowing your core values and living in alignment with them improve your self-worth?

Whenever we have difficulty making a decision referring to a core value will make this process easier. To use a quote by Roy E Disney, he said, "It's not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are."

Having core values will be that line-in-the-sand we will not cross. This helps immensely in times of increased stress or temptation. For example: a person who places their marriage vows as a core value will have that ever in the forefront. When temptation comes to step outside that boundary, they will have already decided how much their marriage means to them. They will do as the Bible encourages and flee temptation. A true core value will be the same 25 years from now, in fact, it will remain strong throughout our life.

How do I discover my core values?

Now that we know the advantages to understanding our core values and how they will help us live our best life possible, here are some links to aid in the process of discovering our unique 3-5 top core values.

  1. A helpful Test to define what your personal core values are. After finishing this test you will receive a FREE snapshot report with a summary evaluation and graph. You will then have the option to purchase the full results for $6.95
  2. Prayer and solitude. There are times when a walk in the woods, a sit by a lake, or a climb to the top of a hill will clear our heads and give us the time to talk to God and the quiet to hear from Him. James 1:5 says… If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him." I encourage taking that list and asking God what your core values are. He will answer and guide you.

My (Blossom) number one core value is Faith in God because it gives me a firm foundation to build all else upon. Ministry to women and working within my gifting (to write) are two other defining values, so I have combined them. I now write stories that touch the heart of women with romance for entertainment, because we all need restful wholesome time out, but also each story shares a redeeming theme to hopefully encourage women in practical ways.

One would think being blessed to win "Best Inspirational Romance of 2021", would be the confirmation needed to know that I am working within my core values. However, hearing that I encouraged another woman along her path is a far greater joy. Read this excerpt from a blog reviewer on my latest book, Jeanette's Gift. Set in 1881, the story takes a character who truly lacked self-worth to a place of freedom within. Here is what this blog reviewer said...

" …Blossom does such a fabulous job creating these wonderful characters, they were so realistic I felt they were old friends. I learned a lot from reading this book, especially about my insecurities, and knowing there is help. If insecurities and self-worth is something you deal with, start by reading Jeanette's Gift. You will find this book is full of information that will help you! I highly recommend this beautiful book. I'm giving Jeanette's Gift Five Stars and I really wish I could give it many more."

For the full review:

So, Suzie and I encourage you onward, to be the best you can be. Identify your core values, so that you will operate and live within them, and become a happier, healthier, stronger YOU!

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