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Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow!

Christmas in a Nutshell...come break it open with me!

 Life has not been easy for any of us in this covid-ridden world, a new variant announced the minute the old one has run its course, and the in-house fighting between the vaccinated and unvaccinated at the workplace, between good friends, and even within families. Satan is delighted with the division this is causing. And so, I propose we take the focus off the negative and intentionally breath in the truth of the advent season. I promise…joy will follow. The past few years I have found increased joy in celebrating the season with advent candles and what they represent. I would like to share this with you and encourage you to jo...

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Join me in the garden.

Want Some Good News in this World of Bad?

Our mind is a powerful force. Now I don't mean that in a new age, mystical way, I mean that because the Bible says so, because God says so. He created you and me, He should know. Philippians 4:8 instructs, "Whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things." Why do you think we would be instructed to think and even take it a step further and meditate on positive things? Well, I have a few people in my life who are glued to the news...

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Stretch out your hands and receive the blessing.

Do YOU Need a Blessing?

Come away with me for a moment in your imagination. I have a treasure for you tucked within the pages of an ancient text… Imagine you were born long, long ago. There is a king and you are a lowly servant far beneath his royalty. You are summoned to attend an ancient Middle Eastern court, but you have nothing special to wear, to give, to share. You wonder why the king would want you there. You're amazed when you hand over your invitation, sure you'll be accused of stealing it, but instead you're ushered in. You stay well back, near the door for a ready escape if anyone challenges your attendance. Your hands feel clammy, and a trickle of sweat ...

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Honey Bee Ball

My Visit From A Swarm Of Honey Bees.

Wednesday afternoon I was having a low energy and low day emotionally. I was falling asleep at my computer when I was supposed to be writing, my eyelids heavy, my heart even more so. I decided a break in the fresh air and a little prayer would pick me up. I pulled out my dust ridden chair cushions and my lounger chair and found a pocket full of sunshine in my back yard. I laid back. Ahh, now this was a good decision. I looked up into the sky where puffy clouds scribbled the blue and was reminded of what my sister Donna always does. She keeps her eyes up. She has sent me so many beautiful cloud pictures because her eyes are fixed above, not do...

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Donna Stobert's work of art...Beautiful Gift

What Can One Learn on a Spring Walk?

Spring has sprung and I want to take a moment to just thank God. This blog will be a reflection of thankfulness and I'm hoping you will join me on this spring walk. I walk through the forest and I hear the wind whistling through the pines. They gently sway in rhythm to the song they are singing. The chatter of a mouthy squirrel lets me know not to ignore him. Birds dart and dip, chirp and join in a morning tune, one melody mingles beautifully with another like someone up there is creating a symphony. I thank Elohim, my Creator for the ability to hear. I climb a knoll to a spot where I can see a grand view of the Okanagan Lake, looking so...

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Yes, there is a risk in travelling through the Rockies in the winter, but oh the beauty of sun dappled mountain peaks.


My Deliverer "The Lord is my Rock and my Fortress and my Deliverer." Psalm 18:2 How many times in a lifetime do we need a Deliverer? I believe more often than we know. At Christmas we were travelling from BC Canada, to Alberta (about a 8 hour drive) to share the holidays with family. With snow piled high on both sides of the highway we were well aware of winter conditions, but the roads looked deceptively dry. Out of nowhere we hit a patch of black ice. That song by Carrie Underwood "Jesus Take the Wheel," became a reality. We fishtailed into on-coming traffic with a semi bearing down. In the nick of time the tires caught traction and my...

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You are a valuable creation.


El-Shaddai (God Almighty) I was driving down the road today and an old song by Amy Grant came to mind, called El Shaddai. I started humming the tune and remembered this song was my first introduction into the vast array of the names of God. All those years ago my interest was piqued enough to explore what El Shaddai, El-elyon na Adonia meant translated from Hebrew to English. (God Almighty, God in the highest, Oh, Lord.) Why, you may ask, should I be interested in the names of God or understanding them in Hebrew?  They are a portal, a window, an illumination into the very character of God. If God seems distant, you are not read...

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In Pastor Brian Jones book, Getting rid of the Gorilla, he describes how distancing ourselves geographically can allow space to regroup and heal. He gave the Biblical account in Acts 15:36-41 where Paul and Mark had a “sharp disagreement” and went their separate ways. He states, “I wonder if sometimes the only way to move past a traumatic event and heal is to put a literal ocean between our hearts...

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FOR THE NEXT NUMBER OF WEEKS I AM GOING TO FOLLOW THROUGH A  CHAPTER OF MY BOOK DEALING PRIMARILY WITH SPIRITUAL HEALING  AND HOW TO BELIEVE IN A GOOD GOD WHEN LIFE IS NOT GOOD.SOMETIMES A BREAK IS NECESSARY—CREATE TIME, SPACE, EVEN DISTANCEThat first year after disclosure, passed in a daze. I worked through the shock first November through March. In April  I moved out of our home into my own apar...

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When a couple marries the dream is this…a life-time of love and support. Rarely do people marry with the thought of divorce, except for those previously jaded.Every little girl dreams of a flowing white dress, and then sailing off into the sunset with a man who will love, protect and cherish her as the most special woman in the world. Likewise, she will respect and honor him in return.Fast forward...

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DOES PRAYER WORK?To be honest, I had misgivings regarding the validity of prayer after I found out about adultery in my marriage. I could not believe where I found my life after so many years of praying. I wondered what good they had accomplished? I asked God some tough questions. I wanted to know how it all worked. If God would not answer my heart-felt prayers because my husband had the free will...

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Alone on the Edge

I titled this picture "Alone on the Edge"Do you feel alone, afraid, uncertain of your future? Do you feel sad, torn, tortured? Like this tree battling the elements without the comfort of a forest, there is a way to stay strong and tenacious in the midst of turmoil. I encourage you with these simple words of truth.YOU ARE NOT ALONEGOD CARESHE SEES EACH FALLING TEARHE HOLDS EACH TORTURED MOMENT CRAD...

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Bark and Feathers - Tell them "I love them."

 This weekend I attended a ladies retreat; we had some designated time to spend with God outdoors to ask for revelation through the wonder of His creation.The first thing I spotted was a dirty feather covered in grit and sand. I passed it by.Meandering down to the lakeshore I surveyed the splendor far and wide. Though chilly and gray an ethereal mist flowed gently across the distant water. Su...

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Rather Than Fight, I Write

Journal your pain. When I was in the midst of the worst of the worst I found the practice of journaling much like Aloe Vera on a raging sun burn…it cooled and soothed. Betrayal hit my life from different angles—adultery in my marriage, a prayer partner who could not keep this confidential and a business partner who took our money and ran. A life so wonderful one moment, unraveled completely in the...

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