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Come with me...

Nature is God's balm, His infusion of love in an often cruel world.

Come, let's walk together...may these photos and the detail of God's creation bring balance and perspective to your day as it did to mine.

Today out in God's creation I found solace, peace and was given a gentle reminder...

Here is what God showed me.

New buds_0400The bud of a leaf...

spring daffodills_0253Daffodils in the neighbors yard...

Layer Cake Mountain_0260
My walk took me from the top of this plateau to the bottom of the canyon beneath Layer Cake Mountain shown in the distance.

God's decorations_0266God's where do you think the idea of a Christmas ball came from?

New Moss_0329
Bright green moss growing on a mighty pine...

Bark and Moss at closer inspection_0330At closer Inspection...detail and delicate patterns emerged.

Star crossed lovers_0290Star crossed lovers...these trees were drawn together as they grew.

Monkey see Monkey do_0291God thought the scenario above was so interesting He doubled His effort.

Tiny Yellow Bells_0349Tiny yellow bells hang on a delicate bright green stalk.

Old hands, new life_0362Here is that yellow bell at closer inspection...That's my old finger tip tenderly holding new life.

Formations on a rock_0323Snowflake like formations on a rock.

Light through tall pines_0284Sunlight filtering through the towering pines at the bottom of the canyon

Newborn Foilage_0288
new leaves_0384New born leaves...

Sunflower hill_0267Sunflowers dotted the hillside in a rich splash of color...

At closer Inspection_0271At closer inspection you will see a Honey Bee hard at work.

Moss and pine_0333Moss bringing life to a dead limb, and the beauty of a pine branch against the cerulean blue.

wild flowers_0316Wild flowers with their face to the sun...or should I say THE SON?

Puppy Love_0310My Puppy...having the time of her life exploring while I take photos.

Delicate white_0342A delicate white cluster about as big as a finger tip...had it not been for the carpet of white they created in hundreds, I would have missed them.

can you find the bird_0385Can you find the bird? This one sure had a pretty song to sing...

Light through the spruce_0394The bough of a spruce with sunlight on its shoulder.

color on the hillside_0311Every color beckoned.

Every snapshot a story to tell.

What do you think I learned?

There is one much wiser than I. There is One much greater than I.  There is One who holds all nature in His hands.


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Monday, 11 December 2023

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