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Wait For It!

iStock-477425959 Wait for it!

Day 2 AD

A somber lies over the city of Jerusalem. Jesus is dead. The skies open and heaven weeps a thousand tears. The Messiah has been cornered, crushed, crucified. Tortured for our transgressions. A mammoth rock and soldiers that guard the tomb seem to have the final word.

The day is dark. Dreary. Disappointing. The disciples huddle in an upper room full of defeat. Their Teacher has departed.

The women weep.


All is as it should be…

The quiet is part of the quest for hidden treasure.

The sorrow is part of the solace.

The tears are part of the triumph.

A plan with a purpose slowly unfolds.


God is never aloof, or asleep, or apathetic to our cry. He is working. As Romans 8:28 says, everything… (and that means the worst of the worst) for our good, to all who love the Lord.

As the disciples and the women that loved Jesus…


Resurrection morning is coming when all suffering will be redeemed! 

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