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Between Two Friends


This past week a friend of mine sent me this email…the message touches so many of our lives and so I asked her if I could reprint it in my blog and she graciously gave her permission respectfully keeping her name anonymous.

When we first started reading Larry Crabb's book "66 love letters" he said in the beginning that history is "His Story." (Meaning God's Story.) I had never thought of it that way. I had never thought about God's plan for the world or humankind.
As I journey toward healing through Jesus I now understand how our healing is part of "His Story." I think about how broken we all are and wonder why is it that no matter how good of parents we had, or how well we raised our own children, they, we, are still broken. We need healing from Jesus, no matter what. And then it came to me; that was God's plan all along. If we got everything we needed from our mother's or father's or spouses, we wouldn't need God.
I did my best to raise my children. They were my focus. I put in so much time and effort. All I ever wanted was to be the best wife and mother I could be. And still my children are broken, my marriage is broken. Now I see that no matter what I could have or would have done, they would still be broken and in desperate need of God. What a relief from feeling like I messed up. I now see through spiritual eyes, I couldn't possibly have done any better than I did. And even still I  missed the mark, but that's OK.
We were created to be in intimate relationship with our Creator to receive what we need. We were created to be connected to the Vine (being Jesus) at all times. We were created to be completely dependent on Him. We were created to have faith and trust Him completely. And to the level that we know and practice this, we will have peace, joy, love and His wisdom to guide us and keep us on the path that He created for us.
I pray that His grace seeps into every fiber of your being today and everyday and energizes you to focus on all God has for you.

In this letter between close friends the struggles of life spill out on the page. Honest reflection of the short-comings of humanity familiar to us all are openly discussed. All I can add to this amazing revelation is to say...Thank you Jesus for your beautiful redemptive plan. AMEN

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Guest - Tisha Martin

on Monday, 02 April 2018 16:57

Such a beautiful testimony, Blossom. Thank you for sharing and for touching lives with your writing. Keep it going!

Such a beautiful testimony, Blossom. Thank you for sharing and for touching lives with your writing. Keep it going!
Tuesday, 25 June 2024

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