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Life most definitely has a little Snap, Crackle and Pop.

I’ve got the snap thing going on all too well. I come home exhausted from an over-time shift and all I want to do is snap at anyone that gets in my way of that couch.

The crackle, or the crack in an otherwise sparkling façade, or the fact I’m over-loaded on the verge of cracking up…all fit.

Pop-that’s the part of me that feels like I have soda fizz screaming through my veins and I’m about to blow.

Why do I mention the snap, crackle, and pop, because we’ve all been there, living in a world with no margins, no room? Reserves run low and over time someone or something pays the price, be it health or family.

We may carry a calm, cool, collective pretense on the job, but at home we let our guard down and those we love the most, witness reality.

This week on the job I received a lot of accolades. I handled the stress of a very busy doctor’s office with outward ease. My boss even commented on how I don’t get rattled and exude calmness in the midst of the whirlwind, but I ask myself…

When life seems to spin out of control, I consider the busy bee who works hard, but never too hard. Nature has a balance I need to emulate!

WOULD MY HUSBAND SAY THE SAME THIS WEEK? Did he see that calm or did he see a haggard waif walk through the door? He did not complain, but I know… I had little left.

I mention this why? Not because I have an answer, but rather a question. We work because bills need to be paid, but when the job squeezes all there is out of a day, how do we manage?

Maybe all God asks is that we stay aware of the danger…The danger to give the world the best and our family the rest.

I no longer have children at home, which brings to mind all those of you who do, especially the single parent. How challenging your world is. You deserve a crown.

To all you working moms and dads and the forgotten stay-at-home parent who tirelessly manages the household with little appreciation…

May God bless your efforts.

May He give you extra strength.

May He give sweet wisdom to extend the same patience and excellence presented to the world…in your home.
I pray this prayer for you…birthed out of an intense need to cry out myself.
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Monday, 15 July 2024

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