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We are all looking for the One who is Faithful and True

iStock-608590766 High above the din you will find the One who is Faithful and True

Faithful and True

How many join the ranks of those who understand the pain caused by the opposite of faithful and true?

  • A friend walks away
  • Adult children won't talk to their parents
  • A husband betrays
  • A parent abuses a child
  • A wife decides she does not love anymore

Human beings are good at the opposite of "Faithful and True" but God is not. It is in His very character and being to remain faithful and true. Oh, how comforting these words are in a world that is often cruel and unkind.

Revelation 19:11 encourages ... "Now I saw heaven opening, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war."

Sometimes we lose sight of the fact this world is just a tiny part of the eternal picture—of our story. All pain will end. Jesus will return to judge all. There is a heaven. There is a hell/hades. Yes, I did mean to use that politically incorrect and unpopular word "Hell," because if we don't embrace all of the Word of God our faith will become watered down and powerless. Jesus preached more about Hades and Hell than He did about Heaven. As believers we need to care about the lost and broken, the unfaithful and the liars, because their very eternity depends upon it.

Leslie Schmucker says it well …"The doctrine of hell is uncomfortable for most of us. However, our understanding of hell shapes our view of the gospel, God's holiness, and our depravity. If we don't accept the reality of hell, we won't rightly understand the glory of the gospel."

  • The glory of the gospel is to be loved and adored by a God who is Faithful and True.
  • The glory of the gospel is to spend all eternity exploring the renewed earth, praising God for His amazing creations, learning and loving and enjoying life as it was meant to be enjoyed—without sin or failure.
  • But most of all, the glory of the gospel includes being in the presence of the One called Faithful and True. To have Him come, put His arms around you and say … "Well done my good and faithful servant. Well done."

To all who are weary—wait … Jesus is coming and will return to this tired and broken world in victory.

To all who are in the throws of pain caused by the unfaithful and untrue, hang on there is a perfect judge coming with power to right every wrong.

To all who are doing great and life is grand be thankful and pray for a hurting brother or sister in Christ.

The rest of Leslie Schmucker's excellent article can be found at: 

  • All Scripture taken from the NIV
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