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Write Your Own Psalm

There is therapeutic value in releasing pain.

The following is a positive example on how to do this.

When in the midst of my personal storm, our pastor gave a sermon on the fact the Bible does not skirt around the issue of disappointment and sorrow. He invited all those who were in pain to take time to read the Psalms, Job, Lamentations and find comfort that though life was hard, God was present. He encouraged all of us to write our own Psalm no matter what season of life we were currently in, be it positive or negative.

That following week I read Psalm 136, took that format, and wrote my own to God. Here it is…

-Though I walk through waters deep… His love endures forever.
-He has caused the sun to rise again and me with it…His love endures forever.
-Though I long to see His face, I’m still in this place…His love endures forever.
-Though I weep, I grieve, my heart so broken… His love endures forever.
-I don’t know if I will heal, but He gives me hope… His love endures forever.
-He speaks to me in the dark of night… His love endures forever.
-He holds me close, when I feel acutely lonely… His love endures forever.
-He is my husband who will never fail, nor trade me in for another…His love endures forever.
-He is my strength, when I am weak… His love endures forever.
-I choose to trust, though I do not see… His love endures forever.
-He gives wisdom, moment by moment… His love endures forever.
-He gives strength to forgive… His love endures forever.
-He is my God, my Father, my Comforter, my Counselor, my Joy, my Healer… His love endures forever.

I encourage you to write your own Psalm. You will be amazed at the wonderful release of emotion and subsequent peace that follows.

As God waters the earth with his divine care bringing life to this beautiful Rose, I encourage you to believe in the same divine attention to your sorrow.

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Tuesday, 25 June 2024

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