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How Did I Not Know?

Like me you may wonder how you did not know that betrayal lived right beneath your nose. It is a reasonable question.Why didn’t I know? How did I miss the signs? What could I have done differently?Second-guessing myself became a perpetual thought process in the aftermath. I wanted to understand how adultery happened even while I blissfully believed I had a great marriage, great sex life, and great...

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I Will Never Trust Again!

“IN THE MOMENT” Every Monday I will include a journal entry of when I lived in that place of acute pain from betrayal. I include this raw and very personal reflection for one purpose only, to set the “before and after” stage. Every Wednesday I will tackle the subject of Monday's journal entry from a healed perspective. My hope and prayer is that these two drastically different scenarios will insti...

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Healing from Betrayal that Zaps the Life Out of You

Spring—that time of year when trees blossom, bluebirds sing, and buttercups burst forth through darkened soil. A feeling of renewed hope fills most every heart…most every heart perhaps—except for yours?Yes, I’ve been there… in that place where not even buttercups, bluebirds, or blossoming trees evoke hope. I have lived in the dark, though full sunshine streams down. I have felt abject loneliness, ...

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