Take 5 - Soul Encouragement - Elohim

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Let us take every anxious thought captive by praising and praying to our amazing God today. Offer up 5 minutes of solitude to meditate on the following name of God and what it means. To know the names of God is to know His character. To know His character reveals His love. To understand His love eradicates all worry. Each time a worrisome thought arises today cry out to:

  • Name of God: Elohim—All-Powerful One; Creator, God
  • Scripture: Gen. 1:1-3; Deut. 10:7; Num. 23:19 Translated as "God" in the Scriptures.
  • Prayer: You, oh God, created the vast universe. You know every nook and cranny, every creature in the sea, every bird of the air, every blade of grass that grows, you have numbered every grain of sand upon the seashore. You know me and You love me. I will not be afraid. You have this world circumstance in your powerful hands. Thank you Elohim.
  • Song: Be encouraged by the words of this song "Elohim" by Hillsong Worship. Beautiful.
Take 5 - Soul Encouragement - Everlasting God
Take 5 - Soul Encouragement - El -The Strong One

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Tuesday, 26 October 2021

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